The Divine Fool

The Devine Fool

The Fool is the wanderer, travelling light
carefree and unburdened by material desires
detatched from irritating distraction

The Fool portrays innocence,ingenuity and foolishness

This is the Pure Spirit andMind
awaiting the experience of transmutation
from unconscious to conscious perfection

The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror
it grasps nothing – it refuses nothing
it recieves , but does not keep

He carries no weapons
in his right hand he grasps the staff
symbol of his ascending vitality
his left hand across his heart
the magic wand of growth supports the talisman bag

He is of the Earth
but his mind is turned heavenward
He cares not for what surrounds him
None may catch his Eye
He concentrates his focus towards union with the
Change disturbs or threatens him not

Purity of purpose is his protection.

Giclee prints available @ 350 x 520 mm

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