About Ross

The Mystical, Magical work of Ross Trebilcock

One of Australia’s leading metaphysical Artists.

Glowing with rich vibrant colours, Ross Trebilcock’s stunning pictures capture and stretch the imagination. With his fine attention to detail and sensitive use of colour, his art is a masterful blend of craftsmanship and creative expression, imbued with symbolism that reaches the deeper levels of consciousness.

His art is an extension of his philosophical and comparative studies of ancient religions and their association with modern psychology.

The new frontier is inner space, and these images are launching pads for the mind.

Some may find his art disturbing, too far away from the mundane world, but cannot resist another look, or ignore the startling complexity and mystery that confronts the,. Ross’ intention is to create a trigger to spark the imagination of the beholder.

Myth and Legend exist in the subconscious… Creative visualization is the bridge that enables us to explore these realms.